Annual Meeting and Reed College Special Collections - Tuesday, January 18, 2011

  • Invitation

  • The annual meeting was held in what could only be termed a free for all with only modicum of order being maintained. Fortunately with only a modest agenda, officers were elected and reappointed, dues for the year established and paid and activities for the year planned. Next year the wine will follow the meeting.

    Reed College Image

    Poissy Illuminated Manuscript and Processional
    Illuminated Manuscript, ca. 1510. Prayer book and antiphonary used as a processional at a Dominican nunnery in Poissy, France. Written in Latin on vellum, it contains rituals and songs with music.
    All original materials and digitized images are owned by Reed College.

    The highlight of the evening was a behind the scenes tour of the Special Collections Collection and Archive of Reed College. Special Collections Librarian and Himes & Duniway member Gay Walker presented the treasures of the collection. Of special interest and debate were examples of the growing collection of artist books. Examples of these books included conceptual photographic titles from the 1960s altered books, examples of the creativity of Angela Lorenz the precise movable structures of Julie Chen. Several fine examples of incunabula contained in the Reed Collection were presented. From the Reediana collection, Ms. Walker displayed works by noted Reed calligrapher and professor William Reynolds and letters written by Simon Reed.

    Of special interest were the books of the Champoeg Press. The Champoeg Press was a Reed imprint for many years (1952-1981) of books and pamphlets on Northwest historical subjects. Founded by Dorothy Johansen, Lloyd Reynolds, Richard Abel, and four others, only the first title, Applegate's A Day with the Cow Column in 1843 (1952, 225 copies) was printed at the college on a Chandler & Price press set up in the Graphic Arts Workshop and run by Reynolds. Most of the succeeding titles were designed and printed by Lawton Kennedy of San Francisco, while a few were co-produced with the Oregon Historical Society. Twenty-four titles were published under the Champoeg Press imprint, including the first three editions of Reynolds' Italic lettering exercise books.

  • See a Bibliography of the Champoeg Press